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Our team is composed of a balanced core of lawyers, including senior and young lawyers, all of whom boast a flexible approach, promptness and efficiency in handling client matters.

Each member of the team has in-depth studies in law and a particular specialization. Many have a double background in fields such as economics, political science, engineering, history. As part of our commitment to permanent improvement of our skills and knowledge, we each participate in continuing education programs, especially in emerging fields of law (IT, new technologies, e-commerce) as well as commercial law, community law, intellectual property law, arbitration and mediation.


Since founding, the law firm LDDP has established itself quickly through its balanced approach and notable performance, thanks to the principles that formed the basis of the team structure: professionalism, commitment and flexibility.

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International Commercial Arbitration

LDDP holds a leading position in commercial arbitration and enjoys wide national and international recognition for its professionalism in this line of work.

Tax Law

Rich experience in the analysis of tax law issues and tax disputes, at all levels of jurisdiction, with the aim of offering our customers practical solutions.

Domestic and International Litigation

A strong team of lawyers who have gained extensive expertise in the analysis and enforcement of national and international law.

International Commercial law

LDDP provides specialized advice and representation to a large number of international companies, providing legal support for highly complex business transactions and litigation.

Corporate Law. Mergers and Acquisitions

Wide range of corporate transactions for a wide portfolio of clients, international companies or local companies, in complex mergers and acquisitions projects.

Construction Law & FIDIC Contracts

A team of FIDIC construction and contract lawyers who assisted in major projects, both for public authorities and for multinational companies.



  • LDDP is in top 100 law firms specializing in international arbitration world-wide.

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